Sous Vide Pork Short Ribs



– 3 bone pork riblet
– Approx. 9 pieces per bag

– 100% Pork

Cooking Instructions
To Prep:
Cut open bag and place the ribs on to a baking tray. Remove any excess cook out (jelly) from the ribs and sprinkle with your favourite spice rub/seasoning.
On the BBQ:
Get the BBQ as hot as possible and then place on the prepared ribs.

Turn the ribs over every 3-5 mins or until they have caramelised on both sides.

Remove from the BBQ and baste with your favourite sauce before serving.

In the oven:
Pre heat oven to 250℃. Place the prepared ribs onto a baking tray and bake in the oven for 15-20 mins turning them at least once.

Baste with your favourite sauce and serve.


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